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Night Flight - By: (Mikko Lagerstedt)

I am very serious about everything and I am holding puppies


Hallstatt, Austria | EGRA : ЕГРА

but Joffrey in the books is still a 13-year-old kid. And there’s kind of a moment there where he knows that he’s dying and he can’t get a breath and he’s kind of looking at Tyrion and at his mother and at the other people in the hall with just terror and appeal in his eyes—you know, “Help me mommy, I’m dying.” And in that moment, I think even Tyrion sees a 13-year-old boy dying before him. So I didn’t want it to be entirely, “Hey-ho, the witch is dead.” I wanted the impact of the death to still strike home on to perhaps more complex feelings on the part of the audience, not necessarily just cheering. —George R.R. Martin (via perksofbeingalannister)


The Most Important Thing in Wolf Watch History


in which the actor who plays one of television’s least likable characters is actually super considerate and cool

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